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At Last Minute Caterer, we believe that you shouldn’t have to plan your party weeks in advance to get catering that looks and tastes fantastic. Why shouldn’t you invite your friends over for afternoon tea on a whim? Why not throw a fabulous backyard barbecue simply because this coming weekend’s weather forecast looks good? Why not throw together a celebratory luncheon when your team scores a big new account?

We believe that planning an event at the last minute should never mean that you have to compromise on quality or reliability. Last Minute Caterer is here to make every one of your last minute parties a complete success. We’ll give you food that tastes and looks wonderful even when you order it for the next day. Our chefs insist on using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, so they wouldn’t prepare your food in advance no matter how many days earlier you placed your order. That’s one of the reasons we can handle last minute orders so easily.

Even though we specialize in last minute catering, we’re still committed to creating gourmet food that will delight your guests. Our varied menu includes traditional dishes and international flavours.

Who would’ve imagined that you could get food like that at the last minute? Our team of innovative chefs did, and then they made it a reality.

At Last Minute Caterer, we put weeks and months of thought and development into our menu so that you can call us up and order innovative food at the last minute. We’ve done all the planning for you, so that ordering catering for any event is a snap, even at the last minute.

Our chefs don’t skimp on stylish food presentation. They’d never dream of letting boring looking food leave our kitchens. They’ve studied the latest trends in food presentation and make sure that all your food looks as good as it tastes. We believe that last minute catering means food that has the “wow” factor.

Our varied menu options allow us to meet whatever catering need you have, whether it’s gourmet sandwiches for the office, a barbecue on the beach, a formal sit-down plated dinner at home, or breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day for an all-day planning session at work.

Our team of friendly event planners will help you plan out exactly what you need for your event so that you don’t miss a thing in your last minute rush. They can suggest catering packages, or help you pick items from different packages to create a custom menu that reflects your taste and style. They’ll ask about how many vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free items you’ll need, so that your guests’ dietary restrictions don’t get lost in the last minute shuffle.

Planning any event on short notice can be stressful, whether it’s a casual private party, or a high-pressure work luncheon. Let Last Minute Caterer take care of the catering so you have one less thing to worry about. We stand behind the quality of our food and the promptness of our delivery with a money-back guarantee. We want you to be able to plan events at the last minute with confidence.

At Last Minute Caterer, we’re dedicated to giving you outstanding quality in our food and in our service. We want you to know that you can turn to us for all your last minute catering needs time and time again. We want to make you so happy with our catering that you’ll think of us even when you have plenty of time to order your catering in advance of an event.

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